How to find WPS pin and establish HP printer connection with it?

In order to establish connection with WPS, you need to enter WPS pin for your printer message displays. What if you are unable to find the WPS in order to complete the printer setup? Well, no need to worry, just take HP Support and obtain all the associated information at your desk.

Whenever you see enter your WPS pin for your printer, then the PIN is temporarily shown on the printer touch screen or it is available on the information sheet that automatically prints. You have a short time period of about 90 seconds to enter the PIN before it becomes invalid. By restarting your computer and following the printer setup again generates a new PIN.

If you have successfully installed the drivers of HP Printer on your computer and your printer is asking to enter WPS pin for wireless connection, then you have to go after these easy steps to resolve this issue. Locating or discovering the WPS pin on HP printer is quite difficult for every user. In technical language WPS stands for Wi-Fi protected setup and this is used to make connection between wireless enabled devices.

Look at the types of WPS connections that you can make to connect your HP printer.

There are only two types of WPS connections in HP Printers:

  • WPS Button
  • WPS Pin

Learn how to connect HP printer using WPS Button

  • Go to the control panel of HP printers and the press the wireless then settings button.
  • Choose the option Wi-Fi protected setup and then follow the instructions on the printer screen.
  • After that, you have to choose the WPS button option. By doing so, printer will prompt to you press the WPS button the wireless router.
  • Once you hit the WPS button on the router, then go to your printer and press continue for wireless connection.
  • Now, your connection has been established and your HP printer is good to go.

Now, know the ways to connect your HP printer using WPS Pin

  • From the control panel of your printer press the wires button and then settings button.
  • Touch the WPS and then go after the onscreen prompts.
  • Now, when you prompted to enter the PIN, just click on it. By doing so, you will see WPS pin on the screen.
  • After that, you have to access configuration utility or software for your wireless router or wireless access point. And then you need to enter WPS PIN.
  • Once your setup is complete, you can easily install network printer driver by opening printer’s HP folder in all programs and then printer setup and software.
  • After this, simply click on the option “Connect a new printer”.

Hopefully, you are now able to find WPS pin and establish HP printer connection with it. If you still face some issues, then you can visit and take assistance from ingenious professionals to resolve your issues.

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